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Website digital catalog

Website digital catalog

If you have multiple products to present, each with its own product sheet then this is the digital catalog website for you! The Digital catalog website with blog is a multipage website with blog which additionally has a product catalog section where you can upload your products.Each product will have its own product sheet that can be indexed on Google so it has an edge over the multipage website.

As always, the advice is to activate at least an initial advertising campaign at startup.


What is meant by website digital catalog

The digital catalog website gives you the option of having a tab for each product.
A search section is available to have your products searched.
It is possible to define product categories to be grouped together for easy reference.

The digital catalog website with blog is even more powerful than the multipage website with blog because in addition to working on content marketing and thus SEO with blog articles, it is also possible to work with SEO through the product sheets that are created in the catalog. Clearly, the catalog website makes sense to make and is chosen when you have more products to present.
Again, the advice to be satisfied is to activate at least one advertising campaign a year, and to follow up by acting on the competition and the goals you want to achieve.

Activation of advertising campaign

Regardless of the type of website you choose the advice is to activate at least one advertising campaign a year on the Google search engine. Depending on the type of site and competition, multiple advertising campaigns may be necessary.

In summary the summary of a website digital catalog

  • You have a tab for each product and to the multiple pages for presenting your business
  • You can do content marketing with both the blog and product sheets
  • At least one advertising campaign a year is recommended

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