Search Engine Optimization
That is, Search Engine Optimization.

This is what is needed when creating a website and that isGoogle search engine optimization.
It is one thing to have a website “indexed” and that is present in the google index… the site is there but those who need you cannot find you!
It is one thing to have a site “positioned” among the first pages of google, for the agreed upon keywords, i.e., a website “positioned on the first page of google.”

Only if SEO website optimization is done, people who are searching for you can find you!

To position a site, first you need to identify the keywords that are interesting for your service.
Next, you need to set up each page in such a way as to enhance all the necessary TAGs, with the keyword of interest to your service.
A series of activities aimed at ranking in order to get on the first page of Google are flanked around the site.

With this in mind, the following activities are combined with the creation of the website:

  • Managing adwords campaigns – adsGoogle;
  • Link to popular social media Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, twitter, youtube , google plus…
  • Campaign management on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Google business management;
  • Point map on google;

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