CMS WordPress

CMS WordPress

Why do we use the WordPress CMS?

  • The WordPress CMS is the most widely used CMS in the world;
  • The WordPress CMS for the client is easy to use;
  • With the WordPress CMS, the implementation of a website is quite fast (clearly it depends on the requirements and implementations, but the basic functionality is available and one can devote oneself to the template and specific features);
  • the WordPress CMS has excellent plugins for SEO;
  • WordPress CMS is customizable;

Official website of CMS WORDPRESS:

What do we propose to Webagencies?

We collaborate with Webagencies and Publishing Houses.
At Webagencies we offer the creation of a fully customized website in WordPress; you can send the graphics in PSD or the formats you prefer and a custom template is made.
We work with PHP, HTML and CSS.
You can contact us for a consultation, and based on what you indicate we will send a quote.

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