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Why do you include services such as SEO or updating the Google Business tab in your website creation packages?

Having a website is important because it is your online calling card. It's important to represent it as well as possible, but if we don't implement SEO, no one will be able to find you.
So it is not enough to make a website, you need to make it in such a way that it can be found. You need the predisposition, then clearly for each sector you have to assess the level of competition to figure out how to proceed.

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Am I obliged to activate advertising campaigns?

It is not mandatory to activate advertising campaigns. The need to activate an advertising campaign depends on the level of competition in your industry and your goals. Clearly, the more contacts and feedback you want to get in a short time, the more necessary it is to activate advertising campaigns.

How long does it take Google to index my website?

You must always consider a 90-day period before Google indexes your web pages. So the work that is done is an investment for the following months.

Why do you always include the blog in websites?

The website, in addition to presenting your company and allowing you to look more professional, must have the function of getting your potential customers to find you. We structure Web pages from an SEO perspective, but if you add articles, working with content marketing as we suggest, you will have an even better chance of being found.

Why do you have to pay annual maintenance for the website?

The website resides in a hosting, which is the server where the web pages reside and is connected to a domain (which is the address of your website), these services are renewed annually.
In addition to these services, the GDPR banner is renewed, https certificates are renewed, programs are updated, and the website is checked for attacks by hackers. These are once-a-year activities--you can image this maintenance as boiler maintenance, which is done once a year.

I have seen lower or higher prices around. Why these price differences on websites and digital products?

We can assure you that when you see a lower price it is because you are buying a different service, which does not include the same quality and the same goal to be achieved.
It happens often to see websites with shortcomings: remember that if they ask for less it is because the product has less value.

We have included in our packages all the services that we consider essential. We cannot remove some of them to save you money because we would not be doing your best interest.
Turning to us, for the same quality, is like turning to a wholesaler. In our laboratory we create and make digital products. This explains why you can find significantly higher prices around for the same quality.

I have some other questions, doubts and curiosities can I put them out?

We will certainly be ready to answer your questions.
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