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Multipage website

Multipage website

The multipage website with blog allows you to work on content marketing and therefore on SEO i.e. it is possible thanks to the content that is created in the blog (the articles) to optimize the website in such a way that Google likes it! In this case, if you work on the blog, one advertising campaign a year may be sufficient. Clearly, it always depends on the goals you want to achieve and the competition in the field.

What is meant by a multipage website

For Multi-page showcase website means a Web site that has more than one page, usually we talk about 5 main menu items: HOME (main page), ABOUT US (company presentation), SERVICES (the services offered), BLOG (page of articles and news that can be fed for content marketing), CONTACTS (contact form).

It is also called a showcase site because its main goal is to present one’s products and services through a web showcase. The blog featured on the multipage website is what enables content marketing to be fueled.

If your budget is not too tight, it is definitely the best place to start because it allows you to grow.

Again, an initial AdsGoogle campaign is recommended because Google can take up to 3 months to index all pages in the organic, so activating a campaign can help right away to make the website visible.

If you work with articles, you can independently power the placement without the need to activate other campaigns.

If your goal is to receive leads then you should consider activating more than one advertising campaign and constantly working on and around the website with content marketing.

Activation of advertising campaign

Regardless of the type of website you choose the advice is to activate at least one advertising campaign a year on the Google search engine. Depending on the type of site and competition, multiple advertising campaigns may be necessary.

In summary, the summary of a multipage website

  • Allows you to have multiple presentation pages
  • It allows you to do content marketing through blogging
  • At a minimum, a website startup advertising campaign is recommended but not mandatory

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