"Success is not only what you accomplish in your own life, but also what you inspire in the lives of others."

"When collaborating, one person's intellectual achievements stimulate the passion and enthusiasm of other collaborators."
Alexander Von Humboldt.

Digital marketing training

Active collaborations


I have been collaborating since 2021 with the Digital Enterprise Point of the Turin Chamber of Commerce as a Mentor in the Digital marketing section.

My job is to come alongside businesses and make them aware of existing digital marketing tools. Help them choose the best solution for their needs.

Punto Impresa Digitale Torino

Since 2019 I have been managing in collaboration with a colleague, a Civil Lawyer, a group of Professionals in Turin.

The group came into existence for mutual sharing and seeking contacts through referrals in order to help local realities.

The idea of the group was born because we believe that unity and collaboration make a difference!

We meet once a month, during these meetings professionals and firms present their business.

During the covid period to keep a connection we continued to meet via video calls (group meet).

Professionals Turin Network

Can you think of ideas for collaboration?