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Single-page website

Single-page website

You can evaluate the single-page website when it is your first time on the Web and you need a virtual business card presentation to look more professional.

You can choose the single-page website when your initial budget is limited (you don’t want to spend so much).

Remember that with single-page website, an advertising campaign is always recommended, especially if the competition is high, if your goal is also to be found in addition to having a virtual showcase for presentation.

With the single-page website the advice is to work a lot around the website with the google business tab and with social in addition to activating a few Google ads campaigns every now and then.

What is meant by a single-page website

A single-page showcase website means a website that only one page, running vertically. Sections are divided into WHO WE ARE, SERVICES, WHY WE DO IT, WHERE WITH CONTACT FORM but the whole thing is developed vertically.

There is a menu to position yourself at the exact location of the desired section.
In the single-page website we do not set up a backoffice (administration area) for updating data, this is because being a single page we use more simplified technology than a dynamic system.

It is possible during renewal to request changes/updates.

The single-page website, like all services has a duration of 12 months renewable annually.

Activation of advertising campaign

Regardless of the type of website you choose the advice is to activate at least one advertising campaign a year on the Google search engine. Depending on the type of site and competition, multiple advertising campaigns may be necessary.

In summary, the summary of a single-page website

  • You have a presentation page divided into sections, and the website develops vertically
  • You need to work around the website: social and google business tab
  • Multiple advertising campaigns per year are recommended

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