Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing is the set of digital strategies used on Computer, Tablet, Mobile to create value in order to market a product.

Clearly, the product or service, in order to sell, must meet a need, a necessity.

The term digital marketing is often used indistinctly to refer to both digital marketing techniques and strategies... but what is the difference between digital marketing techniques and strategies?

Differences between Techniques and Strategies

Digital Marketing: techniques and strategies

Digital Marketing Techniques

When we talk about digital marketing techniques we mean all the actual digital tools you have at your disposal to be able to achieve a web presence.
When we talk about web presence, we do not refer exclusively to the website but to all the existing techniques that give you the opportunity to gain visibility and obtain a digital presence in order to reach your target audience and sell the product/service you offer.

The website is one of the digital marketing techniques for gaining a presence on, but it is not the only one!
The website is critical as it is the centerpiece of business strategy.
In the website, the company can express its vision, tell its story, present its products and services in an organized and orderly way, sell its products and services, and work for us 24 hours a day, even when we sleep.

Other digital marketing techniques include:

  • the Google business tab
  • Social media. The most widely used are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube. The latter is a middle ground between social and search engine.
  • the Apps
  • email marketing: newsletters
  • directories and marketplaces
  • Advertising campaigns that are the sponsored on adsGoogle, on Social or other websites
  • blog / content marketing
  • affiliation

Digital Marketing Strategies

When we talk about digital marketing strategies, we mean the choice of techniques to be used to best promote the product or service.
The figure who is in charge of choosing the most suitable digital marketing strategies for the product or service offered is called Digital Marketing Strategist.

Digital marketing techniques can be integrated with each other to enable automation.

The choice of digital marketing strategies depends on the type of product or service, the budget you have and the goals you wish to achieve. and Digital Marketing

In you can find the figures necessary for the development of your project to achieve a web presence:

  • we are web designers
  • seo specialist
  • digital marketing strategist
  • graphs
  • digital marketing mentor

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