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Recent certifications, beyond digital marketing

Programmazione neurolinguistica

I am pleased to share my recent achievements with all of you.

Between one website and another, between an advertising campaign and hosting maintenance, between social management and the creation or modification of a web application, between blog management and sending a newsletter, between a break and another... in the last five months I have managed to obtain some certifications that I care a lot about!
The certifications are all recent, because the date is set at the end of the course, but they are the result of a previous study.

It's not just digital marketing certifications but also training for personal growth. I really believe in this type of training because if you approach things and projects with the right mindset you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. I have always been fascinated by the world of mental coaches and I couldn't help but delve deeper into the topic... and in reality, the studies are still continuing beyond the recent certifications.

I found a connection between mindfulness facilitator and digital marketing in NLP:  Neurolinguistic Programming.

Why delve deeper and continue studying?

Why certifications?

The goal is to provide ever greater support to customers and
create increasingly persuasive digital marketing.

There is still so much to learn! There is always more to learn and deepen, even with 24 years of experience in the digital marketing sector as it is a constantly evolving sector and it is important to have twenty years of experience... but don't stay stuck in twenty years ago !

Here are the latest certifications:

  • Certification in Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Certification as a Minfulness Facilitator
  • Certification as an Advanced Mindfulness Facilitator
  • Neuromarketing Certification
  • Videomaking certification
  • Tiktok certification
  • Instagram certification
Certifications acquired


Programmazione neurolinguistica
Future certifications

What will the next certifications be?

The studies continue and there are many other certifications to acquire on the waiting list!!!

Which certifications?
The new certifications will range from coaching to digital marketing... because I have always been passionate about both topics.

And you, are you continuing your professional training? will soon implement a new training section, the result of ongoing studies and experience, which will facilitate, simplify and guide the acquisition of the necessary digital marketing and mindset skills for 360° training.
If you are interested in finding out more about the courses we will activate, write to

As the philosophers Socrates and Plato said...
reason must be the guide of man and his use
inevitably leads to happiness.