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Digital Marketing course to the students of the Pininfarina Technical Computer Institute


On Friday, March 1, 2024, I had the pleasure and honor of telling the students of the Pininfarina Technical Commercial Institute in Turin about my work as a Web Designer.

I had this new experience because of the opportunity Prof. Vittorio Berti gave me.
I tried to convey some of my work to eighth graders.
I’m used to telling professionals, tradesmen, college kids about my work… I’ve done PCTOs for a few fifth graders… but this was the first time I was trying to convey my work to eighth graders and look at their work done: websites and web applications.

I was positively amazed, in their own way they expressed interest in the initiative, and the work done by the children is meritorious and creative.
It was a positive experience, and I was glad to be of help because kids are our future, and so welcome to give them insights, tools, ideas and to confront different points of view.

Kudos to Prof. Vittorio Berti who came up with the idea of this initiative to benefit the children.

Digital Marketing Course

In the Digital Marketing course, I covered the following topics:

  • Digital Marketing Techniques
  • Website: core of business strategy
  • Features of a website
  • SEO
  • Responsive
  • GDPR, Cookie Banner, Privacy Policy and Security
  • Graphics and usability
  • Types of images
  • Capturing attention and calls to action
  • Accessibility
  • CMS and programming languages
  • The figures that interact in the creation of a website
  • Who needs a website
  • Design stages of a website
    • Getting the commission to build a website
    • Measuring with the customer
    • Comparison with competition
    • Customer-supplied materials
    • Keyword analysis
    • Design
    • Prototype and putting into production
    • Hosting
  • Other Digital Marketing Techniques
  • Demo websites
  • Digital marketing certifications

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