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Digital marketing: Cartoons on the Web 2024, Job offer on WhatsApp

‎vignette sul web 2024 digital marketin youtube

I received a job offer from the general manager of YouTube, via WhatsApp! I can trust?
Even in this case, unfortunately the answer is negative! This is the new scam that is going around on WhatsApp.
Directors of YouTube, Linkedin and all social networks…
Be careful!!! Don’t click on the link! Remove, block and delete: this is a very recent scam.

Today’s advice is not to trust proposals that are sent directly via WhatsApp, if it is a serious proposal you need at least an email announcing the contact and with a presentation where they explain who they are looking for and why they thought of you, or a phone call… a message sent in this manner is not reliable.

‎Web Vignettes 2024 digital marketing youtube

Web Vignettes 2024 digital marketing youtube




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