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‎vignette sul web 2024 digital marketing

They asked me to grow my Instagram page to 10,000 followers.
I imagine the idea is appealing to you! However, I would like to point out that what is being proposed is automated growth with artificial intelligence with fake profiles…

These fake profiles clearly won’t interact with your content in an interested way…
And therefore the usefulness of this technique is counterproductive! A page followed by fake profiles in order to attract new customers through deception is not an effective strategy!

The few but good rule also applies to the digital world!

Today’s advice is not to trust anyone who offers you rapid automatic growth, because it will lead to negative engagement, i.e. low interaction with your content.

Web Vignettes 2024 digital marketing

‎Web Vignettes 2024 digital marketing

Web Vignettes 2024 digital marketing

‎Web Vignettes 2024 digital marketing





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