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What is Joomla and what are its main functions?

Joomla is a CMS (acronym for Content Management System), that is, a system that allows you to create and manage content in a very simple way, in fact, this software can be safely used even by those who do not have much experience in computer science.
Installing Joomla is definitely simple as you just need to follow the entire setup wizard process to install it in just a few steps.
One of the great advantages of this CMS is its powerful administration panel that is very simple but full of features, also if you want to add new features you do not need to intervene in the program code, but just add extensions that allow you to add new options on your site.

How did Joomla come about?

Some technical people working on an open source program called Mambo, moved away from it for creative reasons and created Joomla.
This program came into being in 2015, and since its inception it has met with the positive opinion of many people.

Its evolution has been fast and rapid, and this CMS features a vibrant community and a wide choice of extensions.

The secret of this software’s success lies in its simplicity that makes it accessible even to those who are not web experts, plus it has the enormous advantage of allowing you to build sites or portals very quickly.

With Joomla, fonts are not predefined and it is up to you to design your site, just as it is up to you to make a division between different client groups.

Its popularity has led to the creation of a strong community that often posts online tutorials on how this software works, so if you should have trouble understanding it, you need only do an Internet search to quickly solve your problem.

In addition, as already mentioned, Joomla allows for many enlargements in both the back end and the front end, and you can also choose between free and paid solutions.

Not only does Joomla allow you to buy many of accessories, but it already offers you a rich and complete basic version, allows you to draft texts in as many as 64 languages, and gives you access to continuous automatic updates (just click ok).

The main Joomla extensions are

  • Akeeba Backuo
  • Easy Frontend SEO
  • Virtuemart

These can make your site more manageable and creative by allowing you to customize it and make it unique.

In conclusion, Joomla suits all types of existing sites, both small and very complex, this software gives you the ability to create an online store with a few simple clicks and also learning is gradual, as each new extension teaches you something.