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Web site creation: Cris and Cris focuses on making secure websites with https protocol, modern websites, responsive websites, keyword websites, and blog websites.

We make websites with the following characteristics:

  • https protocol: that is why they are SECURE and RELIABLE websites. The data travels encrypted. Websites that do not have this protocol report the words NOT SAFE in the browser, which in addition to being a penalty for ranking on the google search engine is discouraging to the user. Who visits the website.
    For more information on the HTTPS protocol click here.
  • Modern: we use modern, beautiful, simple and intuitive templates for website design.
  • responsive: our websites are responsive meaning that they adapt to viewing on all devices, computer, tablet, mobile.
  • with keywords: in the website we set the keywords that describe the service offered and that are really interesting for the service itself. The work is done carefully and thoughtfully (never take anything for granted!).
    Keywords are important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search Engine Optimization.
  • blog: having a blog allows you to create articles and update your website regularly. We install a plugin on the website that allows you to match articles with keywords of interest to the article.

A website that does not possess these characteristics may be penalized from a search engine ranking perspective.

If you are looking for someone to make websites we are available to work for you, we are reliable, we work well and we are on time delivery, we meet the project delivery date!

Also, being manufacturers our prices are competitive in the market try asking us for a quote!
The product we offer is a high-level professional website.

Contact us at 3297223488 or leave a message in the contact form and you will be contacted.


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Features Cris and Cris Websites

Features Cris and Cris Websites