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What are and what do the terms: SEO, SEA, SEM mean?

SEO, SEA, SEM sounds like a fun play on words! They are actually acronyms in English (acronym) that stand for the following, respectively. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which translated means search engine optimization, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) which translated means advertising through search engines, Seach Engine Marketing (SEM) which translated means marketing through search engines.
To optimize means to improve the visibility of a website in search engines and consequently to make sure that it is placed among the first pages of Google: of Google because it is by far the most used search engine in the world. This means that when a user performs a search for a particular keyword, the website whose visibility you want to improve if it is optimized must appear among the first pages of Google.
Therefore, the choice of keywords for a website is of paramount importance.
To get practical, I give the example of a client who offers basement clearing and moving services in Turin and province, it is the
Cellar Clearance Removals Turin
.In this case, the company’s goal is to appear on the first pages of Google when a user types the terms “Clearing Turin,” “”Basement Clearance Turin,” “ApartmentClearance,” “HousingClearance,” “FreeMoving Turin,” “Moving Turin“: all terms that pertain to the services it offers in the area of Turin and province.
To get your site to rank on the first pages of Google, you need to work on the structure of the site, HTML which is the code of the web pages, text content, inbound and outbound links, and social. Optimization is combined with search engine advertising such as adWords (Google’s paid advertisements) and social media. SEO and SEA together form SEM and that is web marketing.

We regularly work on the site of the Cellar Clearance Turin Removals in order to get a good web presence and from the results we are getting we can say that SEM (SEO + SEA) if implemented regularly (every month we work on the terms concerned) for the client there are very good feedbacks and consequently economic returns.