Vignettes on the WEB

How I work to make a website

Why do we use CMSs to build a website?

CMS is used to make a website to save time and consequently money!
Once upon a time, back in the 2000s, you made everything from scratch, you didn’t use CMSs… I’m talking about 20 years ago… however, the time to make a website was longer and the costs were definitely higher.
Starting with a CMS, development is faster and costs are lower.

Speeding up development time does not mean zeroing it out, however; creating a website still takes time, but compared to the old days, the way of working has changed considerably. With CMSs some basic features such as authentication to the site administration area are ready-made and page creation is more simplified.

For a standard presentation website, with the classic menu items HOME, ABOUT US, SERVICES, NEWS, CONTACTS, one can assume a delivery time frame within a 20-day period if all the required materials are delivered, a time that is multiplied in the case of more complex sites or e-commerce. The time it takes to build a website depends on the functionality that the client requires and needs to be implemented.

If you need special customizations try to make your request because for some projects we develop even without CMS.

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