Websites: CRISANDCRIS is in the business of making secure websites with https protocol, modern websites, responsive websites , keyword websites , and websites with online blogs.

You can choose from the following types of websites:

  • comprehensive presentation website (showcase website)
  • website catalog
  • e-commerce
  • single page website

Web site types

List types of websites we make:

  • comprehensive presentation Web sites: These are the so-called showcase Web sites that serve to introduce the company, describe the service offered, and provide information on hours, location, and contacts. The showcase website is structured with 5 pages:
    • Home: The home is the first page of the site and should contain a summary of all the information on it.
      Must answer questions: Who are they/Who are we? What do we do? Where. Why choose us?
      It should be eye-catching, contain photos (possibly beautiful) that describe the company, contain keywords of interest to the company, references to social and contact information.
    • About Us/About/Company: This is the page that describes the company. Company history.
    • Services: is the page that describes the services offered by the company.
    • Blog/news:is the page where to post news, some articles related to the service offered.
    • Contacts: is the page where phone numbers, emails, map with the address of the business are given. A backoffice is provided inthe full presentation site for updating news

      /articles (insert/edit/delete).

  • catalog websites: These are websites that in addition to having the 5 pages on the full presentation website also have the CATALOG. The catalog allows you to present each individual product you sell in detail. You can indicate all the features of each individual product, inserting multiple images for each product and entering the price. The CATALOG is not an ecommerce, it does not have shopping cart, shipping and payment methods.
    A CATALOG website is chosen when the company/shop has more products to include and present, more pages to present to the public.
    A backoffice is provided for updating news and products, updates to other pages of the site is included in annual maintenance.
  • E-commerce: E-commerce websites are actual online stores. They are a CATALOG with added freight charges, shopping cart and payment methods.
  • single-page website: A single-page website is a website with a single page, the home page divided into several sections. The top bar includes menu items to reach each individual section. These websites are showcases on the web that are very basic, minimalist but still very beautiful.
    A backoffice is not provided for updating content, which is upgraded with an annual maintenance contract.

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