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Are you a professional?

Give the opportunity to book your service online!

Empower your clients to book your services directly from home!!!
Booking online means digitizing reservations, it means giving a service to your clients who can choose from the comfort of their home the preferred day and time from those available!

Who can use an online appointment calendar?

It is needed by all professionals, below are a few examples:

Doctors: who need to make appointments for visits to their offices (the dentist, osteopath, physical therapist, dietician, ophthalmologist …)
– The consultants: banking consultants, financial consultants, insurance consultants, web/seo consultants, mental coaches, accountants… who can make appointments either in their own offices or online! In the case of an appointment in one’s own practice, the details of the practice address will be given, while in the case of an online appointment, the link to a meet will be given.
real estate agents who need to manage the diary to make appointments at properties for sale
beauty centers: hairdressers, beauticians

All professions that require an appointment for their on-site or online service can use an online booking calendar.

Configure online bookable slots

With a digital appointment calendar, you can decide which times are bookable.

You are the one who configures the calendar, which means that you can define SLOTS NOT RESERVABLE (because you prefer to handle some reservations by phone or for other reasons, for example) you can either not configure it or occupy the slot yourself so that it is not available to web users.

Determine which slots are bookable and the duration

You can define which slots to book and the duration of them, that is, the length of appointments in each slot.

Reduce costs and time

Giving a booking service to your digital customers is also beneficial in terms of time and cost.

In fact, you can reduce secretarial costs and speed up appointment making. The client independently will choose the day when it is possible to visit your office or make an online call.

How can you empower your customers to book online?

You can put a booking calendar on your website or send to a link with the calendar itself.

When a reservation is made, an email is sent to both the client and the professional.

To see the functionality of the service and learn more about the digital booking calendar, you can book a consultation and find out how it works directly at this link



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