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Coupon service: why activate it an in the website?

Why activate a coupon service in the website?

The coupon section is a way to incentivize your customers to purchase your products/services by offering a promotional coupon code that users can use at your store or in your e-commerce store.

Incentivizing users with a coupon is one way to acquire new customers and retain existing customers.

In order to download the coupon the user will have to fill out a form to receive the coupon which is a financial benefit, this will help you increase the number of contacts.

How to activate a coupon service in your website

In order to activate a coupon service in your website you can have several possibilities:

  1. Plugins: if the CMS you are using for your website (e.g. WordPress) already has plugins available ready with coupon functionality then you only need to install the plugin.
  2. Feature development: if the feature is not present in the CMS you might think about implementing it by asking your webmaster
  3. Using ready-made services: You could use ready-made services that you can use right away (e.g., Crisandcris.NET Coupon Service) that allow you to implement the functionality quickly by just inserting a script into your website page. The implementation of the Crisandcris.NET service is our responsibility as it is included in the cost of the service, we will help you and also you will benefit from valuable advice with the activation of the coupon service.

For plugin implementation or feature development we suggest you ask your Webmaster.
As indicated for the third option you can ask Crisandcris.NET directly.

Want to learn more about Crisandcris.NET coupon service? Click on the product sheet:
Crisandcris.NET COUPON Service.


Crisandcris.NET’s proposal to activate the Coupon Service

If you activate the Crisandcris coupon section on your website, you will entice users to purchase the goods/services you offer and increase your contact volume!

Crisandcris.NET Coupon service can be implemented in any website: single-page, multi-page.
No matter how you made the website, it is suitable and works on any HTML website, WordPress websites, Drupal websites, websites of any type.

The coupon can be used at your store or online in your e-commerce.

Depending on the type of use, the Crisandcris.NET coupon service can automatically generate COUPON codes of the value you would like to allocate or you can pre-configure your own coupon codes to be inserted into your online or offline e-commerce.

With the coupon service Crisandcris.NET:

    Define the value of the coupon to be sent to your customers and the validity time
    Determine whether the coupon can be used at the point of sale or online
    Based on usage, automatic or pre-configured coupon generation
    Backend available for configuration and consultation of downloaded coupons
    Ability to check off coupons used
    User coupon code request form
    Sending mail with coupons to the user

Remember that you will be helped and get lots of advice!!!

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