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Digital marketing, Sports and Valentine’s Day Web Design and Digital marketing...

Because. Sports and Valentine's Day????

Today I talk about Sports, Valentine’s Day, keywords, QRCODEs and Gift Ideas.

But what do these terms have to do with, Web Design and Digital marketing?

Specifically, deals with:

  • Web site creation;
  • App and Web Application Realization;
  • It helps you gain visibility on the web;
  • Activate adsGoogle advertising campaigns and Meta business;
  • He is involved in social media management;
  • Blog and newsletter management;
  • Digital training;
  • Digital marketing consulting.

So what connection can Sports and Valentine’s Day have with digital marketing and

Real world and digital interconnected

We live in a time when the real world and the digital world are increasingly interconnected and part of our daily lives. Tags (labels), keywords, QRCODEs, (which are matrices that link us to a web page), marketing and motivational phrases we are increasingly seeing them in store windows, billboards, flyers, and business cards to connect us from the real world to the digital world.

Well, also wanted to make its contribution to this interconnection between the real and digital worlds that we live every day by creating from this year a product line containing keywords, tags, qrcodes, marketing and motivational phrases.
These are original gift ideas, different from the usual, to remind us of the key words that can be valuable to us and can make a difference in our routine.

Gift ideas with motivational phrases to always remind us “Never give up” which means we should never give up!

With this motivational spirit, digital and real line is born SINNER: Never Give Up, which is a hymn of thanks to our great champion Jannik Sinner who on Sunday, January 28, accomplished a feat that has something supernatural about it: he wrote the history of the first Italian to win at the Australian Open by becoming the champion.
During the competition it looked like he was losing … but despite the initial disadvantage, he always believed, until the end and never gave up!

Sinner Winner Product Line - Never Give Up

Here is the line Sinner Winner Never Give Up - Be like Sinner To tell us all: That we must never give up!

Festive occasions for digital marketing: Valentine's Day

And to remind us of the importance of seizing, as much as possible, the festive occasions that arise to do marketing, such as Valentine's Day, the Valentine's Day product line .
This product line with mouse pads, breakfast, lunch and dinner placemats, mugs and pillows feature romantic phrases, love phrases, keywords and some of them QRCODEs that are gadgets to communicate one's love in a different way through a gift idea.

You can view all products between real and digital in the SHOP of the website

These product lines have merged into our real and digital world, as you can see in the following photos:

Digital marketing: Newsletter 2024

Returning to the world of digital marketing, we report that starting this year customers in the digital world will receive a newsletter with digital marketing ideas, tutorials and promos for real and digital products.
There will be more projects and news in the pipeline for this 2024 that will be announced soon.
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