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Digital marketing: digital project ideas for calls for proposals

Ready to participate in regional and Turin chamber of commerce calls?

Do you already have a project idea to include in the application?

With this post, the intention is to give some ideas to small and medium-sized companies that deisderano access regional and chamber of commerce calls in general and specifically the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

The current active calls for investment for the Piedmont region and the municipality of Turin on the digital world are:

The first announcement talks about digitization, production efficiency and digital transition to support the competitiveness of the regional production system.
In this case the minimum investment is 50,000 euros, a kind of interest-free or subsidized financing, and for small businesses there is a grant portion.

As for the ASK TO DESIGN call for proposals from the chamber of commerce of Turin is about digital innovation projects, sustainable and design-based projects for a digital and/or ecological transition.
In this case, the minimum investment is 3,000 euros up to a maximum of 5,000 euros where 80 percent of the investment incurred is recognized.

The question that can be asked is:
Which project to submit?
What can I do to have a digital transition and productive efficiency in my company?

Let’s try to identify different types of projects based on your starting situation and come up with some project ideas.


It does not have a website or if it does, it is not professional but "homemade"

If you are a company that does not yet have a website to communicate and present its products or services and you still have a traditional method for sales, for example you only sell through sales representatives and your communication does not yet use the web, so you still sell through paper catalogs or flyers without taking advantage of the opportunities of the digital world then for you a digital transition may be just to approach the digital world for communication and/or for sales according to your type of product or service.
You could envisage the following steps of development and transition:

  • Creation of a multipage website, catalog or e-commerce depending on the type of service or product you resell. You can consider if you sell abroad, the multilingual website.
  • preparation and planning of an editorial plan for communicating your products and services, evaluating which media to use: e.g. social linkedin, facebook, instagram, tik tok, twitter, pinterest, youtube… based on the products/services you sell.
  • you can consider running a blog and activating a newsletter to give information and retain your customers.
  • you can consider no longer printing paper catalogs but activating online catalogs. There are different types of digital catalogs: catalogs where you can search for a product and filter it by category (so a website with the product section that go into building the catalog) or if you prefer an intermediate solution (depending on the type of users you have) you can consider an online browsable catalog. In addition to being a digital transition this is also an ecological transition because you avoid printing pages and pages of catalogs that do not benefit the environment.
  • You could activate a virtual point card system to build customer loyalty.
  • You could enable appointment booking services and online service requests.

All aided by communicative design to make your work easier, easier and faster (business efficiency and productivity) and to help your customers and potential customers find information easily as well as help them find your service.


And uses digital channels from time to time

If you are a business that already has a website, depending on the website you have you can consider extensions/integrations:

  • you could redesign the design to guide users to predetermined paths
  • if you don’t have an e-commerce you can extend your website and sell online
  • you can integrate multilingual
  • you can integrate an appointment calendar
  • you can make a design for an editorial plan that focuses on presenting an innovative product
  • if you sell physical products that have instructions you can evaluate a QRCODE system to put inside the box and access through it the online instructions, avoiding printing manutali but minimizing printing.


And it effectively uses social

If you are a company that already has a web presence and already uses social channels:

  • you could design an innovative communication campaign
  • you could activate a newsletter and blog management
  • you can integrate a calendar of appointments and consultations
  • if you organize events you could integrate event management systems
  • if you don’t have a CRM, you might consider integrating a CRM andautomating some functionality to increase business efficiency
  • if you sell a product/service that allows it, you could integrate affiliate systems to improve sales efficiency
  • you could create mobile and tablet apps for business and personnel management or aimed at the public by identifying services you could offer to them (even if only to activate a quick and effective communication channel for support)
  • If you haven’t already done so, you could activate Whatsapp business for direct contact with your customers and potential customers

There are many things that can be done with the help of digital tools. Web sites, Web applications, device apps–artificial intelligence.

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