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Shortage of contacts? How to get contacts!

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How to get contacts if you have a shortage of contacts!

𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗿𝘇𝗼 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭
Unfortunately, even today we are still experiencing a period of economic crisis because of the pandemic.
How to reinvent yourself? How to reorganize? How to get contacts?

To get contacts bring your profession online and communicate!!!

  • If you do counseling you can do it online using IT tools like Meet, Zoom, Whatsapp!
  • If you are in training you can do it online using IT tools like Meet, Zoom, Whatsapp, or with tools like LIVENTS proposed by Cris and Cris!
    LIVENTS is a virtual room that you can rent on a monthly basis with integrated services (with the ability to insert Videos, pdfs, slides, do streaming, questionnaires, surveys, issue training credits, certificates, surveys, chat and video chat)
  • If you sell products you can do it online using Whatsapp to collect orders or even better through an e-commerce
  • If you have to show a product/machinery/immobile you can do it online by creating videos with a cell phone

The first contact you can have online BUT you must communicate that you are active online as well!

How can you communicate that you are online to get contacts?

You can communicate that you work online to your contacts via:

  • i Social
  • Landing page
  • a website
  • Social and Google advertising campaigns

Communicate that your profession is online!

The advice at this pandemic time is to try to take your business online and communicate to get leads!

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can help you with scheduled consultations, follow you for your communication plan, build your website, create landing pages and activate targeted advertising campaigns!

New services

  • Online training
  • Digital marketing mentor at the Turin chamber of commerce
  • Live streaming management for sporting events and closed competitions so family members from home can watch their athlete!
  • Live streaming management for ceremonies: baptisms, communions, confirmations to allow all relatives to attend the ceremony despite the pandemic! is by your side

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