Web site realization

Ranking in the Google search engine

A website is ranked on the Google search engine if it is within the first two pages of Google, even better if it is on the first page of Google when searching for a term that describes the service offered by the website.

To give a practical example, if I search for a Rotale Lawyer in Turin and in the search engine I enter the term “Rotale Lawyer Turin,” if I find my client’s website which is Felisio Law Firm then I am happy!

However, it is not enough to have a website in WordPress In order to appear among the first pages of Google, those who require this service of presence on the first page of Google, which is a service called SEO Search Engine Optimitazion, i.e., website optimization for search engines, must have time, money and a willing Web Designer!

Time because when working on a website, the search engine can take up to 90 days to store all the pages.

Money because to speed up the site’s display time in the search engine you need to match paid advertising campaigns, depending on the competition, you need even monthly advertising campaigns.
It is not easy for client types such as lawyers, restaurants, clearing contractors–not to mention real estate, where the competition is enormous!

Need a willing Web Designer: because the website must be done well; it must contain the relevant keyword; the pages must have tags and meta tags (labels within the web pages) within them with the relevant keyword; the website must be responsive (you must be able to see it even on cell phones and tablets); and the website must be maintained regularly; monthly, weekly or even daily depending on the competition.