A path of awareness for personal growth
and professional

corso di pnl

I offer you a path to...

  • Improve attention
  • Improveconcentration
  • Be less impulsive
  • Manage anger
  • Accept
  • Calm down
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Be calmer and more relaxed
corso di pnl

A path of awareness for...

  • Improveself-esteem
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Have positive self-talk
  • Improve communication
  • Help us in our intentions forchange
  • Getting closer to our goals
  • Achieve ourpositive lifestyle
  • Increase social skills
  • Improve working efficiency
corso di pnl

I organize in-person meetings
or via online meet

Where I will explain MEDITATION TECHNIQUES that will help you reduce stress, look at things from another point of view, improve concentration and efficiency, increase self-esteem , learn to have positive internal dialogue, improve communication and achieve your own goals.

I propose a path of 8 meetings that represent the right mix of mindfulness, pnl and coaching in order to regain awareness.
They want us...

Intention, Consistency and Commitment

The power of change
for a lifestyle
into our full potential
it is in our hands

Video taken from Beautiful World 4k