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Why do I NOT use Prestashop CMS?

Prestashop CMS maintenance and upgrades are more complex and difficult to manage and incur additional cost to the customer.

Also, many plugins for Prestashop are paid and not native!

For e-commerce on the web I now prefer the
CMS WordPress
with the Plugin

The reason why I use Woocommerce?

is a more flexible and easy to use, it is the most used in the world, there are constant updates, it has integrated blog which is great for CONTENT MARKETING and there are many free plugins available!

Advantages of using WOOCOMMERCE

  • Flexible
  • Possibility of subsequent new implementations
  • Ease of use
  • Tools that help ranking on the Google search engine
  • Ability to implement an easy-to-manage blog for content marketing
  • It is the most widely used in the world
  • All plugins for different payment methods are available