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Bruce Springsteen: 1975 – Born to Run

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Bruce Springsteen

1975 - Born to run

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Bruce Springsteen: Try asking a true Springsteenian to name his 5 favorite songs:99.9% Born to Run.
99.9% one of the songs he indicated (but perhaps even more) is included in Born to Run.

After the first two albums, which we saw receiving great acclaim from critics and less so from the public,
Columbia decides to bet on Bruce and, in view of the release of Bruce's third album,
starts a notable publicity campaign. The gamble paid off, Born to Run was released in August 1975,
achieves incredible public success and becomes a star.
His photo appears on the covers of the main US magazines, Times and Newsweek, not exactly
music-only magazines.

Born to Run, with its optimism and motivational energy
it becomes the best-selling song and becomes a real anthem for the generation of the time
and also for the following ones

In addition to Born to run, other songs such as Thunder Road, Jungleland, Tenth Avenue Freeze-out officially enter
in the blood of the Bruce Maniacs, destined to remain there forever.

In the statistics of Bruce's most played live songs, the superclassics Born to Run
they are destined to excel; here is the data updated to March 20, 2024:

1) Born to run: 1377
2) Badlands: 1230
3) The Promised land: 1118
4) Thunder road: 1103
5) Tenth Avenue Freeze-out: 824

Three of the five most played songs in history belong to this legendary album. The others
two (Badlands and The Promised Land) are contained in another masterpiece album: Darkness on the Edge of Town,
another masterpiece which will be the subject of the next blog post. Stay tuned 🙂

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Article by Cris Di Sclafani